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8th March 2019
2 x planning applications submitted for land at Spaunton Quarry

Following the extensive Spaunton Quarry public consultation exercise which began in 2015 and the proposal to create a new holiday village (“Spaunton Hollow”), the Spaunton Estate has submitted two planning applications to the North York Moors National Park Authority (NYMNPA).

Despite the Spaunton Hollow proposal receiving much support from the public and local councils, the proposal did not gain sufficient support from the NYMNPA to warrant putting in a planning application for the size of scheme originally envisaged. As a result, the Spaunton Estate – in its continued bid to find a new viable use for the site – has now put forward two separate, smaller planning applications.

The first planning application seeks to change the use of two of the old quarry buildings to agricultural use and to extend one of them. If planning permission is granted, the existing large workshop/machinery shed will be modified and extended to allow for housing sheep, while the Dutch Barn will be used for ancillary storage such as fodder, bedding and machinery. The planning application reference is NYM/2018/0787/FL and full details can be found via he following link:

The second planning application aims to create a holiday lettings/leisure enterprise suitable to be operated by a single person or a couple. The application, reference NYM/2018/0791/FL, proposes building a sixth log cabin (permission already exists for five log cabins), the creation of 12 x pitches for touring caravans and converting the former quarry office into a Visitor Reception building. The planning application and all associated documents and drawings can be seen at:

If you have any questions or comments on the above, please feel free to contact Jan Devos on or George Winn-Darley whose email address is


28th January 2018
The Spaunton Estate welcomes the North York Moors National Park Authority’s statement against fracking which can be found here.

Estate’s response to fracking announcement (published 19th January 2018)

In response to the recent newspaper report (Gazette & Herald, 10th January 2018) that INEOS intends to frack for gas underneath the North York Moors National Park, the Spaunton Estate confirmed its position re fracking. Landowner George Winn-Darley stated “Our policy is not to allow the exploitation of gas or oil from or under our land and this includes the Spaunton Quarry site.”

The Spaunton Estate hopes that the Spaunton Quarry site can be used for visitor accommodation with spa and sports facilities, thus preserving the site’s ability to contribute to the local economy.

New use proposed for redundant Spaunton Quarry (published 5th January 2017)

The Spaunton Estate is exploring proposals to build an exciting new holiday destination within Spaunton Quarry to attract additional visitors to the North York Moors National Park.

If initial ideas come to fruition, they could lead to a luxury complex of bespoke timeshare houses, cottages and apartments, centred around an exclusive hotel/private club complete with top quality restaurant, leisure spa and sports facilities – all nestled within the hollow left by 150 years of quarrying at the former Cemex site.

The Estate has submitted the former quarry as a site suitable for providing employment under the recent North York Moors National Park Authority Local Plan Search for Sites initiative. The next stage is to work up initial concept design proposals with a view to discussing with planning officers.

“Spaunton Quarry has been a place of work for dozens and sometimes hundreds of people since it commenced quarrying in 1840 and this new proposal means the site could continue to contribute to local employment for the foreseeable future” said George Winn-Darley of the Spaunton Estate.

The North York Moors Planning Authority has long indicated that visitor accommodation would be a beneficial use of the redundant quarry which is located just to the North of the A170 and adjacent to (but hidden from) Appleton Common. As well as enhancing the local tourist economy, a new holiday village – to be known as Spaunton Hollow – would provide valuable employment opportunities locally, both during its construction phase and longer-term once it became operational.

The initial concept proposes a mix of accommodation designed to appeal to a sector of the visitor market which does not currently visit the North York Moors. As well as timeshare properties, Spaunton Hollow would include the opportunity to buy holiday second homes, able to be occupied for up to 11 months of the year. Developed in stages over 10 to 20 years, the accommodation mix would lead to a vibrant village community and a substantial contribution over time to the wider economy of the National Park.

“We not only want to offer people the opportunity to buy a share in a holiday home within a secure and managed site, but also for the wider public to enjoy the facilities of what is hoped will be a flagship destination” said Mr Winn-Darley. “To that end we have asked award-winning architect Chris Carr to come up with proposals which incorporate the highest possible design standards. The design needs to incorporate the use of local natural building materials, renewable energy and zero carbon standards of construction, while being entirely sympathetic to the unique rural location.”

Chris Carr commented: “Creating something beautiful and beneficial from this brownfield site is a challenge I relish. It is a unique opportunity positioned within a unique site and I look forward to working with planners to come up with the best possible design.”